R.P. Singh denies association with ANY sports management firm

In a stunning show of aggression and honesty, last displayed by him on a
cricket field way back in 2009, R.P. Singh denied involvement with any
Sports Management firm in the country or abroad.

At a time when the
national and international press, acting on a report by ET (not
Spielberg’s, mind it) have been going agog over the bowler’s association
with Mhiti Sports, Singh, in his not-at-all-trademark style, yorked the
journalists at a hastily-organized press conference community hall of a
residential complex in Greater Noida which used Singh to sell its flats.

“I am deeply surprised by the allegations that Mhiti Sports is managing
me. I am more surprised at the fact that that you think any firm will try
to manage me. I mean, like, don’t you keep track of my performances?”,

fumed Singh, who’s also called the ‘Passing Parcel of IPL’, thanks to his
affinity of being sold to a new team after every season.

To further his
point he took out a sheet of paper that had his bolwing averages in all
forms of cricket, and also a USB with footage of his recent, successful
failures in the recently-concluded IPL. For reasons unknown, or perhaps
because he got a bitch of a paper cut, the ineffective paceman of
yesteryear then suddenly started sobbing.

“How dare you sully Sir’s nameby assuming HHS Jadeja and I would be managed by the same firm?”, said Singh in a reverence-and-snog-laced-tone that is sure to warm the cockle
of all the fans of Sir.

The press conference ended when the caretaker of
the apartment suddenly announced that the room was to be vacated to
accommoate a session on Art of Leaving….errrr, Living.
Shamed by the lack of research, ingenuity and journalistic instinct on
their parts all the concerned reporters have decided to put down their
papers. “We should have been more careful and ethical”, said a staff
reporter from TOI, barely being able to contain his laughter.

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