Who should Rakhi Choose?

One one hand side is India’s Most ELigible Not so young Bachelor and on the other is the Baba cum fashion guru cum sexy stomach twister Yoga Guru..
Yes we are talking about Rahul Gandhi and Baba Ramdev.Rakhi has finally narrowed down her choices to these two Men.

“It was a very democratic process , i didnt want to disappoint any MAAAN so I considered every Man in India as a potential groom and starting cancelling out people based on various parameters , and finally My heart fell for these two men.” said rakhi

Incidentally the management Wizard Poonam saxena ,yes the one who will be joining IIM A soon, helped Rakhi with the niti gritties of decesion making and market research in this complicated process.

Rakhi sawant is on cross roads of Life, she is now of marrigable age and wants to settle down. Since her past swayamwar  with Ilesh <something>  , her supposed groom , didn’t turn out well when he left her(she dumped him) ,she has been under severe depression.

“Ilesh was in it for fame and publicity,not Love, Soch ke dekho Zara, kya fame ke liye koi kitna bhi gir jata hai, i dont likes this ppls”
Said Rakhi
It may be noted Rakhi has been trying to keep away from limelight but media just doesn’t  leave her.

“Chodte hi nahi,Pakde rehte hain sabhi log ,mein kya karoon” 

Rahul Gandhi or Baba Ramdev, Who should Rakhi choose?

Rakhi Sawant ki duvidha, Sarkar ya Ghoomte pet ki bharmar

But now she is again in lime light as she needs to choose, would she want to be the bride of Rahul Gandhi teh next prime minister and try a shot at running the country or would fight against black money and one of her love Rahul along with Baba Ramdev.

To decide, she plans to visit the families and spend a day as their Bahu, Sonia Gandhi is reported to be very happy with this and is confident that no one can reject Rahul Baba.

On the other hand Patanjali Yoga ashram is getting ready to welcome their guru Mata .

Digvijay singh is reportedly already started calling Rakhi as Baba ki Bebo and said that she is ready for the top post if need arises. He has recommended that she take up a ministry in Sonia Gandhi’s oops Manmohan Singh’s Government. While an extra assan is being prepared for Anshan alongside Baba Ramdev.

Whatever Rakhi chooses she will have to be With one(hope so) and against other, such a difficult decision .

Our hearts cry on looking at Rakhis predicament

The entire nation is waiting for Rakhis decesion. Who will Rakhi Choose?

Send your responses to 000000 only 100rs per SMS.

Help her out !!!!

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