2g Scam:A Raja says SC is wrong: 9000 Crore is a lot of money

Dismissing allegations that he sold 2G licensing  cheap and favored a few companies, A Raja ,former telecoms minister and prime accused in 2G scandal , said that supreme court is completely wrong in judging the deal.

Supreme court has cancelled 122 2G License issued to various mobile companies during the tenure of Mr Raja and also fined various companies who gained by it.

SC cancels 122 2g License issued under A Raja

SC cancels 122 2g License issued under A Raja

He says that 9000 core is huge money and he does not understand how it can be labeled as cheap.

It is to be noted, 3G licenses were sold for 69,000 crores just a few years later

You tell me, do you even know how many numbers are there in 9000 Crore? See its all about perspective, i felt its a good amount of money and i made the deal. Think about how much you can achieve with that kind of money. I can buy 100s  of Mercedes

He accused SC of not having sense of proportion .

We Indians are a non-greedy nation. Lets set an example to other countries on how to set the right price. Why are we trying to sell things too expensive, that’s so wrong. We are looting poor companies just because we have the licenses  . Is that fair?  Its same as a rice hoarder increasing price of rice by having monopoly.Its agaisnt our basic morals to charge more– he added

Kya hum itne bhukhe hain ki 9000 crore se bhi hamara pet nahi bhara?

(Is our hunger for money so much that even 9000 crore couldn’t fulfill it?)

He said that he feared that the  companies might walk  away in case he priced the spectrum’s too high or delayed in making the decision . He compared it to selling a used car, if you price it too high ,no-one buys it

He will be pleading not guilty as he did everything for the benefit of the nation. He also added that he should be thanked for getting such truck loads of money for 2G spectrum which is one whole G less than 3G

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