I understand Poor people because I was Poor once- Rahul Gandhi #PoorRahulGandhi

Rahul Gandhi ,the leader of National Congress party ,today said that he is best suited for representing the poor because he too has felt their pain. Rahul was addressing a rally of farmers against the land acquisition bill being introduced by the BJP government.

Rahul Gandhi attacked the government for not doing enough for the poor and favoring corporate and industrialist.

When thousands of farmers are committing suicide due to poverty , BJP¬†government is busy bringing in laws to help the corporate sector at the cost of poor . It clearly shows that the current government is incapable of understanding the struggles of poor —said Rahul

Rahul further went on to talk about the pro-poor stand of the congress

We have always been extremely pro poor because we understand you, we know how it feels. I have been poor once as a kid when my parents cut my allowance by over 80% for not behaving, I know how difficult it is to live without money , how tough choices need to be made at that time

Rahul quoted further examples from his life to inspire others

I was again poor when I was at harvard and some how my wire transfer was stuck for over a month. I was penniless for over a month and did not know how my next meal will come . Thankfully my fellow students helped me get by and I got my money after a month. Similarly hold on, success will come to you too. Do not give up.,seek help from neighbors , there is no shame in it..hang on—said Rahul

Rahul promised that if Congress came to power , no one would ever need to commit suicide , no one would sleep hungry and everyone will have a place to call their own

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