Rahul Gandhi to let fresh MBA graduates run ministries as part of internship

Rahul gandhi

Rahul Gandhi to encourage youngsters to take up politics by letting them run the government

In the move to encourage more youngsters to join politics ,Rahul Gandhi ,the future Prime minister of India, has hinted that he will start an internship program for young MBA graduates and also Sons and daughets of existing MPs and MLAs  in the government.

In this scheme the youngsters will be given a chance to run ministries of their choice for a period of 2 months .This program will give these youngsters a real life experience of running governments and hopefully motivate them to join politics. This experiment will be conducted when Rahul Gandhi himself will be experimenting with the role of Prime minister of India. Rahul Gandhi currently is planning to take up various ministries on rotation basis to get a feel of all ministries.

Similar to his experience,  youngsters will also get a chance to rotate among various ministries ,for eg one month they can run Defence ministry and the next month Education.

Note : These will be live assignments and all decisions taken by the budding politicians will be legal .

Internship applications might be invited soon and all selected candidates might be inducted into Rajya Sabha to take care of legalities


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