Rahul Gandhi is Back: Delivers a brilliant monologue on Dynasty Politics

Rahul Gandhi is back with a bang . And, In a recently concluded welcome back party ,he delivered what can only be described as “one of the most riveting monologue in Indian politics about the dynasty politics” .

Rahul in his speech spoke about the virtues and pitfalls of politics. He spent time discussing the paradox of how even though politicians are the most distrusted and hated people , they are what they are because of the support and love of people.

He then went on to talk in detail about dynasty politics . He said that at one point we do understand that political posts and love of people should not be a matter of right but a matter of one earning it , while on the other hand it is seemingly impossible to differentiate between what is passed on by inheritance and what is rightly earned.

He did not even spare himself and said that

Rahul gandhiI do understand that my last name ‘Gandhi’ does give me a lot of credibility, undue number of chances and also a lot of visibility , but after spending decades working and surviving in the party , how do I justify my current position ?. What extra could I have done to truly call my position as earned vs inherited?

Forget about others , where do I draw the line for myself to truly claim my position as a result of me and not my last name?   Said Gandhi in a contemplative mood

In his speech he even spoke about if the question he was asking and struggling with even relevant in the current context of a democracy .

Rahul Gandhi also spoke about political ambitions and discussed in detail if it was a virtue or vice.

He questioned that if a doctor’s son can aim to be a doctor  , an Army man’s son may want to join army , was it wrong for a Politician’s son to inherit the ambition and allure for his Parent’s profession. Does living with someone who lived and breathed politics not give some advantage and a justified head start towards a political life?

It may be fair to say that it was a brilliant speech which was not about answering but asking questions. Rahul asked many deep profound questions and left the audience spellbound and thoughtful . Everyone went home with some deep questions and a looked forward to a lot of self introspection and critique.

A new Rahul Gandhi is Back. #MatureRahul #RahulIsBack


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