How to be Psychic in 10 minutes–a dummys Guide

For all those men looking at other “so deep” type men impressing the females with their Deep and observational comments and claims of having extremely fine tuned sixth sense ,this post can be like a genie in a bottle

HOw to be psychic in 10 mins

HOw to be psychic in 10 mins..10 predictions that wont fail

Presenting below are a few things/rules for looking and sounding like  phsycic without making a complete fool of yourself.We will for the first time ever give you a complete template of what to ask and how to ask

Your Target Victim(Oops customer): 20-28 yrs

Gullibility Quotient: Anyone who has not read this post

Step 1: The pose: Be normal, the idea here is to look like an ordinary guy with extraordinary gifts and depth of thought. You shouldn’t come out as a weirdo so laugh at jokes,smile a lot and just be yourself,assuming you are not already a weirdo in which case you will need help acting normal(a post on that later)

Step2: The setup: Always, i mean always have someone else mention that you can read minds or face reading or personality reading or body language reading. Basically choose any name, weirder the better just don’t keep it too crappy

Step 3: Predictions: When your Victim finally expresses interest in being analysed by you,Look serious,ask random questions like your sun sign ,your fav color etc etc  or ask them to choose between a deer and a goat,the answers are irrelevant, simply use the following prediction template

1. You think too much(Works best with women):

Everyone thinks something or the other, especially the target group. So even if a person thinks normally, this thing will surely work. In case the victim claims they don’t, ask them questions such as , don’t you analyse a lot on some things ?or if you have a fight with someone don’t you take that negativity home?, an answer Yes can be used to verify your prediction

2. You are currently confused about something/you are undergoing an internal conflict:

This shouldn’t be too difficult to understand. Again everyone has some things to sort out every time, especially if they are in age group of 25-28. They might be thinking of marriage or a job change or both and these can fall under internal conflict

3. You sometimes feel the world doesn’t take you seriously enough:

This will work with a little younger crowd. This is the age of competition and everyone is out to prove their mettle and in this rat race, the new entrants always have the urge to prove themselves.

4:You sometimes feel alone in crowd:

Seriously i wont even give an explanation for this. Will and Will work. The keyword here is Sometimes

5.I can sense some insecurity in you:

Yes, everyone has their demons, something they think they are not good at but want to be good at. As already mentioned this is an age of competition and competition means someone will loose and hence all rats in rat race have the insecurity of loosing. And see we didn’t say ,” you are insecure” we said “I sense insecurity :)”. Insecurity is the basic instinct of humans and basis of our survival , we wont develop unless we are insecure/afraid of something

6. You are a little indecisive:

This one is little tricky, if the person shows a lot of respect and acceptance towards you when you mention internal turmoil then this is like your biggest weapon. Turmoil==>choose one among many ==>decisions that are pending==>indecisiveness. Simple?

7.Your Life’s Goals are not what you think they are,but will become clear once you achieve your current goals:

When you are sailing in sea , more you move towards the horizon,more it moves away. Once you reach a point which you thought was the end you see another point far far beyond. So basically the quest of life is nothing but running after one goal after another.

8.Irrespective of how your peers perceive you,you are soft from inside:

Trust me everyone wants to be known as the soft from inside types especially the target age group. They will say yes. Even Hitler would say yes to this

9.Many a times people just don’t understand you:

Honey if people understood everyone every time this place would be called heaven

10.You  have another side of you that not many people know of:

This basically means you don’t act like shit to everyone, true true

Apart from these general predictions you can make predictions like

  1. Your life is about to change in next1,2 yrs
  2. You should be more confident about yourself
  3. have more faith in your abilities,luck is turning on your side

And remember to use power words, power words are words that really mean nothing new but sound heavy


  1. Celestial
  2. I sense
  3. I can feel
  4. Paradigm is shifting
  5. Misunderstood like a child
  6. Parent ,child behaviour
  7. Dramatic Change
  8. Subtle Change

So, here is the worlds first Guide on becoming a psychic in under 10 mins. Take a printout and try out the predictions on anyone. Make sure to use different predictions for different people in the same group to prevent being caught. Let us know if you guys become psychics, send us a message telepathically ..oops we didn’t teach you that,never mind comment below

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  1. paromita says:

    ha ha ha … predictions are point 4 9 & 10….. :P:P

  2. Gunjan says:

    Goood… All da 10 points r true for me,,, no 1 else undrstnds me btr 🙂 🙂

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