Protest erupt in Delhi over land acquisition for nuclear power plant

Residents of defence colony and nearby areas today protested at ramlila maidan against proposed land acquisition for a new nuclear power plant.
The residents are protesting that the rates offered by the government are at least 10 times less than actual rates. They also protested that the alternate arrangement in ajronda village is not equivalent .
It is to be noted that possibly the Delhi’s richest are the ones affected directly by this. Defence colony is the area of the rich and home to various CEOs ,who are now being requested to shift to faridabad ajronda village.
People in nearby areas are protesting as they think the radiation would harm them and their children .

The government assured that the prices are fair and based on current sale records as registered by buyers and sellers in the area.

The government requests people to cooperate for the betterment of the country .

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