Project manager learns the laws of nature the hard way

Ram Singh a Project manager with a leading IT company is about to get divorced because he tried to apply his project management fundamentals in real life.

Team Work

1 women 1 baby=9 months==>9 women 1 baby=1 month


The problem was when he and his wife planned to have a kid. Ram was very desperate to have a kid as soon as possible and was not ready to wait for 9 long months.

To hasten the development of baby he did what he did for all his projects,increase staff. To the shock of his wife,he brought home 8 more women in hope that they would somehow hasten the development of baby.

When his wife started shouting with anger ,he calmly explained that snce 1 women can make a baby in 9 months , 9 women can make it in 1 month. This is what he did with his projects also.

His wife immidiatly left in utter bewilderment.

When farzi news interviewed the 8 women on what exactly was on their mind , they simply shrugged and said we dont know what he wants, we were paid so we came.

Ram on the other hand was hysterical on listening to this as he had expected that they will know.

Come on Man, this is their JOB, they are supposed to know it. The moment you are born as a girl you are supposed to know how to make a baby. I am just asking to hasten the process, i gave all the resources .

One women  tried explaining that this was against natural laws,  but he simply shrugged saying enothing is impossible even impossible says I M Possible( a line he learnt in his management training).

His wife has filed for divorce claiming that Ram is insane while Ram on the other hand has submitted teh training documents of his company that taught him the fundamentals of work and resources as proof of his mental stability.





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