Opinion: Prime Minister of World’s Biggest Democracy meets Rich White People.

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India rejoices because we feel good when Gora’s give us bhav.

Today, a really important guy from a brown country with crippling insecurities met a bunch of white chaps that have a lot of money.

Throughout the country, from bustling streets to college campuses snippets of conversation overheard showed just how excited everyone was.

“OMG, they noticed us! USA! USA!” said one pimply faced geeky kid. “Maybe now when I try to hit on white women online I can tell them it’s all part of the Digital India Campaign”

Others had more noble goals

“Now that the USA has acknowledged we exist, you think I’ll get a greed card easier?”

Though, for most, just that Mark Zuckerberg changed his DP to garner support for his dastardly dystopian dictatorship was enough.

“It was my life’s dream that I one day feel proud of my nation. I couldn’t, of course till our PM got to meet those rich people. I mean, lets face it, you can’t feel proud of your country unless a business leader from a rich country meets you to exploit your nation. That’s when you know you’ve arrived!”

There were some party poopers of course.
Some misinformed anti-national elements were heard making incendiary statements that offended all true Indians.

“I’m quite happy that there’s some movement on the policy front”, one desh drohi was heard saying.

“However, I would like more information on how Digital India initiative will actually roll out to areas without electricity, what the impact metrics will be and how should we greet our new leader and overlord Zuckerberg”

Don’t worry dear readers, we ensured that foul creature was dragged off to the gallows for questionining Supreme Leader’s world tour. We also called him a “Presstitute” and “Siculur fool” for good measure.

Crazy fellow was also ranting about how he was proud of his country regardless of the USA’s opinion.

Next up, “North Korea, and what we can learn about building a great economy by silencing all opposition from the Sage of PyonYang”

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