Post Sonu Nigam fiasco, Fatwa Escrow service launched

Recently a fatwa was issued against Sonu Nigam for complaining against noise pollution.

A Muslim cleric has announced a Rs 10 lakh reward to anyone who will shave Sonu Nigam’s head. Sonu Nigam decided to not let this opportunity to

Sonu Nigam decided to not let this opportunity to pass, and himself got his head shaved.

But to the surprise of this world, the Muslim cleric decided to not honour the fatwa and refused to pay.

Bald man sad

This jumlebaazi has left the world stunned, and many are questioning what can we believe in if a fatwa itself is a Jumla?

Should we even take ISIS and Al Queda seriously? asked a US MP

To prevent this degradation of Fatwas, All India Muslim Personal Board has decided to start a Fatwa Escrow service.

Anyone in India who wishes to issue a fatwa from murder to throwing eggs to shaving heads will need to deposit the money in this escrow service.Once the fatwa is completed, All India Muslim Personal Board would release the money to the person who completed it.

This service is being provided free of charge to both parties as a goodwill gesture


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