Poonam pandey refuses Prime Minister’s post of India

Putting an end to speculation and dousing fire over the hopes of millions of fans , Poonam Pandey has finally revealed that she is not planning to fight elections for the PM post.
This controversy started when a few fans started a twitter hashtag #poonampandeyAsPm , the tag quickly gained acceptance and became the worldwide trending tag for over 3 days, a proof her popularity among Indian youth.
It is reported that modi and Kejriwal both became so upset that they could not sleep properly.While Kejriwal locked himself in the room and refused to come out until he was trending , modi spent the day photoshopping Poonam pandey’s pics in Gujarat.Modi also called in Amit shah and asked him to start snooping on pandey.
Poonam finally quashed the rumour and decided that India was not yet ready for her as PM, plus she did not want to leave all the movies she is acting in,incomplete.
The directors council hailed Poonam for this selfless act and have decided to award her soon.


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