Police to give corporate discounts on Bribes


Police to give corporate discounts on Bribes

Now your friendly local police officer will become even more friendlier. Police service has decided to tie up with various corporate houses and offer discounts on bribes ranging from 10% for chirkut companies to 25% for IT giants.

Cops in india

Cops to offer upto 25% discounts on brobes

Police service is currently undergoing standardization and reorganization of its processes. As per the new system ,all bribe rates will be fixed and displayed prominently outside all police stations , this will save time as public will no longer need to hassle.

Police is also tying up with corporate giants to offer discounts to its regular corporate customers . All employees of the organization will be automatically enrolled for the discount program. They will need to carry their ID cards to avail this discount.This is done to prevent unauthorized discounts

See we are working to make life of people easier, public doesn’t come to us thinking we will loot them, but if they know that bribe rates are so low ,they will be more forthcoming We are working at removing fear from the minds of public…said the police spokesman

As a goodwill gesture all citizens will be given a 5% discount on all bribes till 31 August Police chief has termed this as a positive step towards building trust and said that he will also set up a helpline to assist people who are harassed by Cops by asking more than the fixed rate of bribe

Strangely the initial reaction of public was euphoric and it received the news with positive reaction

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  1. ePandit says:

    Good this will certainly help aam aadmi. This is a good step to fight corruption in police.

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