People who do not reply to messages may not be as smart as they think: Research

A 2 year research done by “Social Media Behavior studies” department of IIT Bombay has revealed that people who ignore messages on facebook/twitter or Sms , on an average have lower IQ than people who are prompt.

The research included recording chatting/SMS patters of 100s of volunteers and matching that with their IQ test scores. Prof Banerjee(Name changed to protect identity) of SMBS department stated that

There was a strong correlation between how much time a person took to respond to messages and his/her IQ scores

The test controlled for situations where the person receiving the message did not actually want to reply, for eg a Mechanical  Engineering student sending a creepy message to a girl in IT engineering department.The messages were analysed for creepiness and the history of communication between the sender and receiver.

As a thumb rule we removed all first messages sent by guys to girls (especially with Facebook friend requests), as it distorted the results.Though such type of communication constituted 30% of all communication.–Stated Prof: Banerjee

This was done mainly because they did not want these result findings to be used by guys against girls who refuse to “be their friend” .

After careful examination and controlling for such factors the results proved that people who are not prompt enough in answering messages and SMSes on an average have 20% lower IQ score than normal

So next time when your friend does not reply to your message or leaves the conversation midway, do not be angry but feel sorry for them, understand them, they might be suffering.

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