People Outside Delhi more inconvinienced with #OddEven than people in Delhi

Delhi OddEven causes inconvineince to people across the country

A recent survey by farzi news has revealed an interesting trend about inconvenience caused by Kejriwal Government’s Odd Even Rule to people in and not In delhi.

The trend reveals that about 30% of Delhi residents are unhappy about the Odd Even rule and about 20% said that it is a major inconvenience to them but for people living outside delhi the figures are 95% unhappy and 80% majorly inconvenienced.

The people outside delhi majorly live in cities such as Bombay, Ahmedabad , Bangalore, Hyderabad and even Chennai.

It is not yet clear how they felt inconvenienced but they did respond to the floated survey about how inconvenienced they felt and even spoke eloquently about it on social media.

Kejriwal should understand that AAPs policies in delhi can cause major turbulence in the entire country and should refrain from doing so in the future

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