People go to Super Markets to see themselves on TV: Research

A recent research by University of Karachi has proved that a primary reasons people go to supermarkets and malls is not for the products but for the feeling of seeing themselves on the CCTV(

Closed-circuit television) installed by various Malls for security .CCTV

The research observed the behavior of over 2000 people visiting Malls and they found that people felt most happy when their faces were visible on the CCTV screens of security . There were over 10 cameras in the store

It was also observed that the shelfs which were in direct line of the cameras had the maximum sales irrespective of the product. To confirm this ,researchers positioned various products on these shelfs and still the results were the same

Some of the products that were tried were

1. Rice

2.Dog food


4.Tooth picks

5. Ugly looking dolls

For all these products the sales shot up the moment they were placed on these shelves.


This finding has a lot of implications on retail sector as it will fundamentally change the floor planning. People will now see CCTV as revenue drivers rather than simple security cameras,companies will get more and more cameras and possibly the screen sizes will increase

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