Man wins Internet argument by pointing out grammatical errors in other person’s response

Phaneesh, a passionate online debater with exquisite googling skills and a panache for finding obscure studies to support his point of view recently won an epic debate with Sunder, a stranger, by pointing our grammatical errors in his responses.

It all started when Karthik posted an article about homeopathy, claiming that it had no scientific basis. What started as an innocent post turned into a battle ground when Phaneesh and Sunder battling out  on what was right . Phaneesh supported homeopathy and dished out 100s of personal anecdotal evidence to trump all the sciency BS Sunder was spewing.

It is to be noted that neither Sunder or Phaneesh actually knew karthik , or were even in his friends list.

The debate further leered into feminism, vaccination and autism and also touched the subject of religion vs atheism . The debate was filled with respectful language with hint and undertones of extreme racism and ignorance.

The debate finally ended when Sunder made the epic blunder by messing up his grammar a bit.  Phaneesh , being a pro debater, quickly pounded on him and shamed him for his grammar. He finished it off my writing a condescending comment topped with a link to Wren & Martin.

After this incident, Sunder simply backed out and decided to not respond, possibly sulking at his defeat(what a bad loser ). Phaneesh reasserted his dominance as the kind of online trolls yet again

Lesson: Never make grammatical errors in online debates if you want to win

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