How to pass security Quiz in IT organizations


Passing Data Security quizes



Many IT companies ,owing to recent outbreak of data theft incidences, are devising various ways to combat the threat.Some solutions are real and workable such as restricting access,CCTV monitoring while some are ..uhmmm….how to say in a politically correct way….Debatable .

One such is forcing the employees to give some security quiz every quarter. Again and again and again, as if giving the exam would change anything.

Some of our readers have expressed concerns that these tests are just a waste of time , so here we present a way to pass your SQA..Security Quiz…

The six step guide to identify  right answer without reading the question

1. The answer is NO: Irrespective of the question. the answer is always a negative. Can i take a printout if my eyes hurt looking at the moniter…No, Can i work from home?—No, Can i freaking peee—well NO.

2. Always look at what makes your life most miserable: Well the one thing that is most miserable is the answer. What to do if you are on leve for a few weeks..Well release your Desktop to the Tech support and when you are back, fight for a month to get it back and another month to get everything installed. This is teh right answer

3. The longest process is always right: You are freaking dead if you dont finish the project…can i use the trial version to just check if i am doing right?…NO…can you just Buy it and claim from company–NO..can your manager do it?–NO…..

..You need to officially request your manager who will officially request the tech team who will send an official request to procurement tea who wil then send a request of quote to the vendor and raise budget request to your project Delivery Manager ,who will then contact your manager to verify who will then call you to verify if you really need this….This my friend is the RIGHT answer

4. Practical choices are almost always wrong: You Client ID is LOCKED, if you dont finish your client looses millions due to down time. Can you simply ask your manager to log-in and you sit on his desk with him and finish it? NO. NO NO.

Wait for the US tech client support to wake up and work over night to finish a 10 minute JOB

5. Buzzwords–Look for always right buzzwords such as privacy,legal,data security

6.More restriction–always right: Always means always, if you see 2 restrictions and there is a choice called both of them..well both of them is right. No need to read much


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