New Law: No MP can be convicted or charged for any crime

Taking exception to Arvind Kejriwal’s remarks that 162 MPs in parliament are accused of crimes ,both houses of parliament are mulling over a bill that would forever put scandalous allegations against the respectful MPs to rest .

The new “Sadan Garima” Bill will Ban courts from convicting any sitting MP orIndian Law MLA for any crime whatsoever, it also will Ban any FIR or any charge sheet to be registered against any MP or MLA.

This is done to prevent monsters like Kejriwal and Anna Hazare from defaming the honorable ministers with frivolous charges. This bill is being presented by RJD MPs and is expected to be passed unanimously.

It is also assumed that this bill will surpass any other bill such as jan lokpal or any constitutional right/responsibility stated . Sadan Garima(Pride of parliament) is supreme and every person in India should respect it ,no matter what.

MPs ke khilaaf agar koi bhi kanooni karwahi hoti hai to usse Sadan ki garima pe farak padta hai, isse nbachne ke liye hi humne ye kanoon banwane ki baat kari hai…[any criminal charges levied against any MP looks bad on the entire parliamnt,that is why to protect the great institution we are planning to bring this law]  ….said one minister

The law also states that any previous charges against any MP would also be Null and void the moment he/she/NA is elected .Many activists have protested to this clause but the honorable MPs replied

Agar Janta ne vote deke yahaan bheja hai to baaki log kaun hote hain bolne wale(If people have votes us to power how can these people object)

Next in line is a bill to legalize death penalty for any citizen who mentions anything against any MPor MLA

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2 Responses

  1. Rationalists says:

    Strange rulers who with passing of this law shall be above law on this planet!

  2. farziadmin says:

    It always has been strange, what to do?

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