Parliament Adjourned over :Who gets to Pee first

In perhaps the most outrageous parliament adjournment till date in history on India(we have had many), Rajya Sabha was today adjourned due to an ugly debate between congress and BJP members on right to pee first.

It must be noted that parliament was earlier adjourned because members could not agree on who gets to speak firstĀ 

It all started when one BJP and one Congress party member reached the common loo together , this led to Indian Parliamentan argument over “who should go in first?”.

The commotion soon boiled into a full fledged debate involving senior party leaders, with BJP accusing congress of not even giving it’s party members a chance to Pee while congress claiming that since they are the ruling party , their time is more valuable than the opposition and hence they get priority in peeing.

The argument over pee priority became so intense that Hamid Ansari was forced to adjourn the session until the debate is solved.

BJP is now demanding a “Pee Priority” list be made and stuck to all Loos/bathrooms/toilets for reference. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi reacted to the demand saying that he will personally head the committee which will decide the pee priority for all members in Rajya Sabha and Lok sabha.

Everyone though has agreed that Sachin tendulkar will always have pee priority 1

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