Pakistani world cup song becomes the world cup anthem

Though Pakistan might be out of world cup after loosing to their arch rivals India,hope is still alive for Pakistan to make its mark. A song sung by Asif Shah to motivate Pakistan cricket team for the world cup is slowly but surely becoming the anthem of world cup.


Though the song was originally composed in urdu ,on popular demand it was translated by Asif Shah himself in english.



Apart from its catchy  punch line “Boom Boom world cup” it has some memorable lyrics such as
Its a Big cup,…its a world cup…..its a pad of the cup…its a bat cup..its  a ball cup…

The lyrics are simple and easy to follow ,even for most Pakistani cricket team players who have not really shown too much command over the english language.

The video is tastefully done and dance performances are memorable.The song could very well win a Grammy

Rumor has it that Pakistan team actually saw this video before their match with india….for some motivation…..

Maybe thats why they went “Boom Boom ” Baby…..

What do you think? Should it be voted as the best world cup song ever?

PS: Our reported died of excitement after watching this video. Use caution. Not for heart patients

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