NOTA option to make a Debut in Big Boss Voting

Taking cue from delhi elections and encourage people to participate in the voting process, Big Boss is planning to implement NOTA option in public voting.

NOTA stands for “None of the above” and gives users the power to express that they do not like any of the candidates.

Big Boss representatives mentioned that the choice of a  candidate to vote is a sensitive one , something that people give a lot of thought to decide, we wanted to make the system more transparent and also give people to reject all candidates.

Rahul , a Big boss fan said that it was a step in right directions, he said that

I generally spend a lot of time deciding which candidate to vote for. I look at their behavior on the show, review their YouTube videos, see who is more interesting and then vote. But sometimes I just do not like any of them. A NOTA would give me the power to let them know that I have had enough.

Unlike Delhi elections , in Big Boss if maximum votes are NOTA, No one will win.


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