Niti Ayog “Overstated” demonetization gain data for a good reason- Full disclosure

So you would see a lot of sikulars talking about Niti Ayog overstating the gains in digital gains post demonetization.

Niti ayog said that post demonetization the overall digital transactions increased by 23 times, but the actual number was 1.43 times.

Now from the face of it, it looks like a wrong thing to do, but is it?

In Mahabharata, Krishna plotted to kill an elephant named Ashwatthama and make Yudhishtir say it in a way that it looks like Dronacharya’s son was killed. The plan worked and Dronacharya went into meditation. They killed the unarmed Dronacharya when he was grieving for his dead son

So as you can see, a bit of actual or implied lie is not a bad thing when you look at the big picture. In mahabharata , it helped Yudhishthir get back his land.

What is the man of destiny , Modi thinking now? What is the bigger plan.

Well, here is what is really going on in my opinion.

Social Proof:

When you see so many people doing something, you are tempted to try it, arn’t you? All marketing companies do it and it is called social proof. Now by giving such high numbers, a lot of people who never tried digital payments would be tempted to try it. This is exactly why we saw a massive 1.43 times jump.

Fuel innovation:

What happens when so many people start using digital payments? A lot of new startups want to get into the space and invest millions of dollars. Startups lead to innovation, further pulling up the digital adoption and also providing employment to many people(especially these thankless sikulars)

Yes, some startups may find that market is not as big as stated by Niti Ayog, but they have already invested and cannot get out. This is like Alexander burning his ships to motivate his army to win. They have no other choice now.Alexander burning ships


But Sikulars are too stupid to see the big picture.  SO do not believe them when they say, lying is bad. Every Lie will have a reason that sikulars cannot see.

Ask us, we will analyse it and tell you the REAL reason

Bharat Mata Ki Jai !

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