Newly Arranged Married Girl devastated that fb friends do not Dig her pics

Arranged Marriage

Tanu recently got married to the love of her life Tanuj. It was an arranged marriage.

Soon after wrapping up the marriage , suhagraat and honeymoon, she decided to post 1985 selected pictures of her and her hubby in romantic poses.

1985 also happens to be her Hubby’s Birth Year, just a cute detail she mentioned in her FB album description

But soon after posting the pictures,she realised how horrible her friends were, when many reacted with just “good pic” comment or a simple like on her facebook album rather than any individual picture.

How do I even know if they saw the pics? What is the point of me spending so many hours picking the right snaps for their sake? Lamented  Tanu

Many “friends” , especially Babbloo, Ronit , Rahul and Robin decided to simply stay away and did not even comment.

Tanu is devastated.




Facebook Comments

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