New nuclear power plant to be built right in Delhi: Delhi will have 24×7 hour power soon

In a landmark decision , the government has decided to setup a nuclear power plant right in Delhi . This move they say would help Delhi overcome any power transfer loss and also stop power theft.

The power ministry further clarified that  after setting up this plant , people of Delhi will never have any power shortage and Delhi will have 24×7 power throughout the year.Nuclear Power in Delhi

When asked about safety the ministry stated that

The radiation power around the power plant would be very low and is below the maximum safe limit for humans.

The government would soon start acquiring land somewhere in and around  defense colony . All affected people would be relocated to Ajronda village in Faridabad district, which is less than 50 Km away from their existing houses , thus minimizing loss of livelihood. A new metro station would also be constructed to help those relocated people (expected to be completed by 2020) .

The government has sought cooperation of Delhites for land acquisition , for the development of nation.


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