New country for Tibetans may be carved out of India and Bangladesh

A bold new proposal is being discussed in UN to end the age old Tibetan problem .
UN has realized that Tibetans can no longer live in peace in China and being a permanent refugee in India is not an ideal solution.
Hence ,on humanitarian grounds ,the UN may adopt a resolution to carve out a separate country for the exiled Tibetans.

One of the possible areas identified consists of a part of India and a part of Bangladesh . The existing Indians and Bangladeshis living there would be moved out of that area so that Tibetans can have a home after a long struggle.
The UN believes it is the most just solution and would be acceptable by Indians and Bangladeshis .

Regarding Indians , one of the representative quoted that, looking at the amount of support Israel got via the trending topic #indiawithisrael , it is very evident that Indians do understand that sometimes it is necessary to displace existing people to make way for someone else and carving out new nations in such a scenario can be the best solution .
UN sounds much more confident about Indians than Bangladeshis.


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