Mumbai Man burns Car after it Runs out of Fuel

A Mumbai man today burned his own car after it ran out of fuel while he was going to office . The unidentified man was seen first pelting stones on his car and then breaking the windshields and windows with a lathi . He later bought some petrol from a nearby petrol pump and lit it on fire

The man claims that due to his car, he was unable to reach his office on time and this was his way of expressing his rage so that the car behaves in future.

Passer byes looked at him with amusement and  horror . Some tried to calm him by reasoning that this would not solve the problem but the man would not have any of it. He really wanted to teach his car a lesson.

With the entire incident caught on tape by some, the man will not be able to get any insurance or a relief from the insurance agency and may have to now rely on a new car or public transport.

In other news, Violent protests erupted in Mumbai over delay of train services. #MumbaiTrain .


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