The Most PRO India Article ever

Price Hike — Bad Good

War with Pakistan YES no

Falling Rupee Bad Good

Adhaar Bad Worse Good Best

MNREGA : HAHAH worse scheme EVAAR  It’s not that bad hey it’s actually good

Want Freedom of speech? Yes No

Italian Mariners stay in Italy ? National Shame Who?

Petrol Prices hiked: WTF  BAD BAD BAD  We are just reducing the deficit

Abuse PM ok? YES NOOOO

Godse : Bad Good Bad unless we agree he is not in RSS

Criticize government policies Ok? Oh Yes, if we the people will not ,who will?  No you bloody Anti National

Ok to speak about ills plaguing India? Yes, Indians were ashamed to be born in India Dichkiyaon, you are dead. What will the “padosi mulk” say

Country comparisons : Why are we not like US and UK  Hey we are much better than Pakistan and Afganistan

Demonetisation: Awesome, Best thing, Good, Slight Inconvenience, Desh Ke liye karo,  Soldiers are dying at the border






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