Moon Does not Exist because No Indian has stepped foot on it

Indian government has issued a circular stating that Moon does not exist since no Indian has yet set foot on it. The government claimed that even though India had launched chandrayan and even supposedly “hoisted” a flag on moon , it is still not enough to conclude the existence of moon.

The moon mission happened during the corrupt UPA rule , how can we trust them? How do we know it is not fake? asked an agitated BJP Moonminister

The Indian government has now pronounced that Moon does not exist until they have fully verified it’s existence and to do that they plan to launch a lunar mission to get some men on moon .

The future astronauts would be chosen from a pool of RSS karyakartas and some ministers (with families) . These astronauts would be responsible for finally confirming Moon’s existence and also validate the claim that Indian Rishis had already been there many centuries ago and set up multiple bases .

Until then, all songs referring to Moon, Chanda etc are being banned for being unscientific . The ban also applies to nursery Rhymes such as “Chanda mama door ke”  .

The news has already enraged many scientists   but the BJP parliamentary committee is unmoved

We are trying to bring in proof, what’s wrong with that? Just because you can see something does not imply it is correct, we are being more scientific than these pseuodo scientists from ISRO ..Bloody ScienceTards –said one of the ministers in defense of government’s claim

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