Modi said that we are serious, Orders probe for Vadra’s land deals. Asks airport authorities to frisk Vadra like a common Indian citizen

New Delhi, Nov 9 2014.

Today, Modi took a decision that shook the nation(for good) or in Arnab Goswami’s words he said what the “Nations wanted to hear” .Modi_Vs_Vadra

He decided to fulfill a poll promise that was made in 3 different elections by BJP – Rajasthan, Haryana and General elections.

Modi asked CBI to investigate Vadra land deals not only in Rajasthan and Haryana but also anywhere and everywhere in the world.

PMO released a brief statement that PM is committed to fulfill his promises in a time bound manner ,and this is just a humble beginning.

In MR Vadra’s Words the PM Said “Yes, we are serious”

BJP leader hailed the decision and said that they always knew that Modi would fulfill all his promises.

Congress also welcomed the move and said that Vadra is a private citizen and hence he is open to any investigation by Congress Bureau of investigation (CBI).

On similar lines, another long pending demand of BJP supporters and all Indian public “frisking of Vadra at airport” , was also fulfilled.

An order was passed to Airport authorities to frisk Vadra just like a common citizen ,effective from today.

Modi said that he does not believe in privileges and every Indian should be treated equal, except BJP and RSS leaders.

BJP and its supporters again hailed the decision and demanded that all citizens should be treated equal except BJP and RSS leaders.

Congress welcomed the decision and said that Vadra is a private citizen and he will use his private airport to avoid frisking.

Disclaimer: When writer woke up, he realized that it was all a dream and Modi didn’t really do anything yet . Writer is still happy that Modi  fulfilled his poll promises atleast in his dreams and based on this plans to vote for Modi in delhi elections


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