Modi launches “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”, starts cleaning his own cabinet

Oct 2, Gandhi Jayanti – time when people remembers their Baap

New Delhi- After almost a weeklong propaganda drive in central government offices led by Cabinet ministers, Modi decided to do some real cleaning.  He wanted to show to people that his conscious is clean and wanted to shed his image of being news hungry. For the first time in his life, he decided to act on his own and not to take suggestions from his media advisors.

PM Narendra Modi wielded a broom today to launch the country’s biggest ever cleanliness drive “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” from Rajpath. In the strange turn of events ,instead of cleaning the roads, he decided to stand quietly for sometime and then called all his colleagues. All ministers were excited for this photo-op and media coverage, but they had something else in store for them.

When ministers reached Rajpath, Modi decided to give them a lecture on cleanliness and honest behaviour.  Many ministers were disappointed and some of them were seen taking nap even even though they were standing. Ministers thought that it was a usual Gyaan session as this PM talks more to cover for lost opportunity by the earlier PM.

Modi Swatch Bharat

But In the strange turn of events, Modi concluded his lecture by slapping broom on Mr. Nihalchand, the famous rape accused and mascot for women safety. Modi asserted that he is no longer going to do lip service and wants to shed the feku tag. He also said that he is seeing more jokes on him than Pappu on twitter these days. PM Modi’s cleaning drive started with Mr. Nihalchand whose name means ‘a happy person’. Nihalchand was most unhappy person today a stark contrast to his name.

nihaal chand

All ministers were stunned. Some whispered whether Mahatma Gandhi’s soul entered in Modi. Modi ,they said, was never infected with honesty. Today was different. Modi didn’t stop with Nihalchand only, his broom next attacked railway minister Sadanand Gowda. Gowda couldn’t stop railway accidents and was seen busier in saving his rape-accused son.

There was great anxiety among ministers. They thought that their good days are gone, Modi would have been mobbed by them if NSG commandoes wouldn’t have been alert.

Tweet that inspired modi

People suspect that this twitter post inspired Modi


Modi didn’t stop just here and cleaned HRD minister & her Yale degree with his broom. Now there was a rush and ministers were seen running to save themselves from Modi’s broom.  It seems that Modi himself got ‘Modified’.

All wanted a way out and then Mr. Jailtly got a weird  idea. He brought mirror and put it in front of PM Modi. Modi immediately became calm and composed, nobody knows why? People guess that probably PM Modi saw someone called Mr. Saheb  in the mirror and decided to stop the cleaning drive.

This whole incident came as a surprise to the Indian public. People have seen multiple dramas by previous government and this government. This particular drama was amazing due to surprising turn of events.

We are reporting directly from Rajpath. We will keep you posted and entertained.


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