Modi Launches Single Number police hotline in India- How it happened -Detailed Report

Post his new years eve, PM Modi, sitting on his chair made of freshly cut Indian Sandalwood tree wood fed with organic fertilizers, started to think what else could he do for the country.
It had always been his dream to do unprecedented things, things that would fundamentally change how things work in India.

PM Modi always wanted to leave a legacy. He already did something great by giving a speech on new years eve, making sure he could be remembered as the only PM who ever worked, but he wanted to do more.

And then, an Idea struck him. What if someone who is in trouble could call Police by dialing a single number all across India?

This Idea consumed him for the rest of his 3 minutes and 26 seconds and post that he made a call.

This call was made to Amit shah, who loved the idea but informed the PM that he needs to call someone in the ministry and he did not have the power or time to do the job.
Disappointed Modi called Smriti Irani who directed him to Arun Jaitley who for some reason did not pick the call.

Finally, after going through a lot of red tape and being shunted from one minister to another,   PM Modi reached Rajnath Singh who heads something called Ministry of Home Affairs and, who someone said could help. PM called him PERSONALLY, dialing the phone himself and spoke in an assertive voice:

“Rajnath, I need this done ASAP”

Rajnath spoke softly but with conviction:” Modi Ji, great idea by a noble leader like you , how does the number 100 sound. It is easy to remember and surprisingly the government owns it ”

Modi was happy : “That sounds good, just make sure you don’t tell people that we already had that number, they would say that congress prepared for it”

“Don’t worry, I will get it done by morning ” Said Rajnath Confidently

“By morning? You are fast Raju , I misjudged you all along” Said an ecstatic Modi

And hence Modi launched 100 number.

Mitron you can now call 100 from anywhere in the country to call the nearest police station. This is unprecedented in the history of mankind and it was done in just 1 night.
THAT is the speed of execution, congress did NOTHING in past 60 years -Beamed Modi

This is Modi’s New years gift to the country. This hotline would be financed by the black money caught in demonetization.

Next year PM Modi plans to up this and make hotlines for Fire Brigade and Ambulance also

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