Modi to be given the title of “The First PM”

New Delhi:

To honor the stupendous success of PM Narendra Modi as a PM and as a Chief minister of Gujarat, the government of India has decided to award him an honorary title of “The First PM”.

A HRD ministry source, who refused to be named, revealed that this is a perfect title for him as it is for the first time many young Indians feel that they have a PM. They are just honoring people’s wish, which they unequivocally revealed by voting him to absolute power."The first PM" of India

Text books across India would be changed to reflect the new title. It is also to be noted that in school “Who is The first PM of india?” would now have 2 correct answers , Nehru and Modi . A few elites though have suggested that there should be difference since “The first PM” ┬áis a title and different from The First PM of India. One of the suggestions being discussed is that if “The First PM” is within quotes, it would imply Modi , if not, the correct answer would be Nehru.



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