Millions learn the meaning of Furloughed due to US shut Down

US government shutdown had many people scampering to decipher the impact and meaning of it all.

The most confusing statement as per our survey was “Most federal workers would Furloughed “. People including those affected had no idea what it means. As per our survey 80% of the people had never heard of this word and when asked many thought Furloughed was something to do with

1. Fired

2. Killed and recycled

3.asked to work in fur farms

Furloughed became the most searched query in US surpassing “Cute cat” and “Kim kardashian nude pics” . Wikipedia page describing Furloughed  received an unprecedented number of hits and almost crashed the website.

Nevertheless this crises has increased the vocabulary of millions of people worldwide by 1.

Anyways for the benefit of the users ” Furloughed  is a temporary unpaid leave of some employees due to special needs of a company,”


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