Microsoft Not happy with Rahul Gandhi’s Default Program Remark

Rahul Gandhi recently issued a statement that

 “If India is computer, Congress is its default programme”

This statement of his has angered the worlds largest manufacturer of default program “Microsoft”. Microsoft in it’s press statement said that Rahul Gandhi is insulting their sensibilities and projecting default programs in Bad light. This they said would also hurt their businesses in India

Microsoft further gave certain points to help people understand that Default Programs are NOT LIKE congress

1. They can be removed easily: Agreed , there was a time when default programs could not be removed without almost killing yourself but, with advancement of technology(read anti trust lawsuits) it is now just a matter of few clicks.

2. They are Virus free: The default programs only and Only slow down your system and they are Always virus free

3.They are incapable of stealing

4.Once removed they do not keep popping up

5.Some people actually find them useful

6.They help you find better software, eg Internet Explorer is now the most popular browser used to download Chrome

7. It does what it says it does and some more, basically the main function is solved always

8.It has nothing to do with Kapil Sibbal


Microsoft has asked it’s customers to believe in the companies statements and has promised that it will actually deliver on all its promises regarding default programs.The company also asked its vendors to keep calm and not panic.

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