MBA Graduate from top B School Living on streets after taking up dream Job

Satyam ,  A recent graduate from a top most B school of India (renowned internationally) , thought he would be living a dream when he got campus placement in his dream company at a role he most desired (marketing).

But the dreams came crashing down the moment he started working . He was placed in Mumbai , A place where Rich go to live like poor , and offered a seemingly decent pay.

It was when he got his first in-hand salary that he realized that after paying EMI for

homeless man

By Jim Fischer (Flickr: Homeless in Sugamo .Wikipedia

tuition loan ,sending a few bucks back home and taking his GF out to dinner at the local dhaba twice a month , he could not afford a house .

The rents were so damn high that the only place he could afford was a street corner , even there he had to pay a price . He tried using his famed Alumni Network but found that many of them were in the same position .

He even applied to the Maharashtra Government for a loan waiver (like farmers) but was told that he cannot be considered as he had not yet mastered Marathi . Finally he resigned to his fate and is now living a different kind of life. By the day, he is a high flying marketing manager , by night he is a Homeless guy sleeping at the street corner .

Next time you see a homeless person, remember , he maybe among the brightest minds of India. Have some respect.

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