Management Student achieves enlightenment studying DMOP

Mantra ,in his half pants ,one size smaller T-shirt , ruffled hair and overgrown beard looks just like any other management student, but recently an event happened that changed his life.

Mantra was preparing for a course “Decision Models and optimization” when he achieved what Lord Buddha had achieved 100s of years ago, Enlightenment!

It was 1:30 AM and he was sitting in the library staring at his notes as usual ,trying to understand the subject and dunking one coffee after another.

Slowly his mind started to wander,his pupils started to dilate and he started blanking out. Initially he thought he was falling asleep ,but the copious amount of coffee he had drunk didn’t let him sleep.

He was awake but still his mind was blank ,exactly the state achieved during deep meditation. Normal humans experience this state for not more than a few mili seconds but Mantra was able to experience this state ,also known as “Nir Vikalpa” ,for a full 15 minutes, thus opening up his third eye and achieving enlightenment.

Opening of third eye has given him access to a huge knowledge reservoir of the Cosmos and he can see all past present and future.

Since this news broke out ,his classmates have been following him asking for the answer to life the question paper of DMOP, which he has refused to divulge citing Honor code issues.

His place of enlightenment, his chair in library, is currently filled with an aura of knowledge and students are thronging it to study. Rumor has it that any network problem including knapsack can be solved in 1 try if you are sitting in that special chair.

Some students have requested the Dean to break the chair into multiple pieces and attach a piece to every chair available on campus.

What Mantra will do with his  new found knowledge and accidentally acquired skill sets is still unknown and undecided. He plans to discuss this during curtain raiser session with the career advancement committee of his institute. He probably might join some Baba as a trainee or start his independent practice


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  1. ghg says:

    hahahaahah DMOP is the Shizz

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