Management institute on Mosquito Killing Spree

A renowned School of Business(name with held on request) has made it’s way back into the news today.

Mosquito killingIt has been seen that a number of bugs and flies are being rampantly murdered in front of Goenka DiningHall by a special weapon called as Electric Bug Zapper Fly Killer Swatter Racket.

When we asked The Queen of Bugs – Champakali about this ongoing horrendous mosquito slaying on campus, she responded,

“We were told by the administration that the campus encourages biodiversity and we would be in safe hands ,we were also promised enough food in the Goenka dining hall. We were given permission from School administration to roam around anywhere and eat from anybody’s plate. It suddenly turns that we have been betrayed by the administration and this is not a safe haven for us anymore.”

Talking with the Operations & Sustainability Cordinator,about this onslaught, she responded,Mosquito picture

The  committee was unaware of such events at the campus. I am sure this is a rumor.”

“Typical Democratic Board”, says another student at the school .

Hearing about the ongoing slaughter, the legendary Zelda is also concerned about her future. When asked, she told,

“School has started playing mind games in the name of biodiversity. While they are obligated to retain all the animals on campus as per some Indian Constitution, I am myself concerned whether they are already working on a huge racket to kill me and other dogs (yes, I am the only Zelda here) on campus.”

Later yesterday, there was a 3 hour conference between Champakali and her other union members with Operations head, where she gave her word that such instances shall not happen in future.

All the professors on campus have cancelled their  term 3 classes in order to give condolences to the dead fly martyrs in this fight against injustice, cruelty and treachery. May God rest their souls in peace.


Farzi Report By~Vipul Jain

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