Man thrashes his own 2 year old son after neighbor steals his lawnmower

Steve a devout God fearing man pulled a stunt that shocked many. When Steve found that his neighbor Jon had stolen his precious Lawnmower , he was beyond rage . He felt like killing Jon for his sin , he was really really angry.

But then he remembered that since he was a good human , violence was not the answer , he could not kill his neighbor and he hated confrontation with him.

But someone had to pay, someone had to repay for Jon’s sins , someone who was GODinnocent , someone who was spotless like a lamb , someone who could wash away Jon’s sin’s . And the only person Steve could think of was his two year old Son Martin.

Steve brought Martin outside on the street and thrashed and caned him for a full 45 minutes until the police arrived . Steve insisted that he was doing so for the sake of Jon’s soul and Jon should hence pray to Martin as his savior.

Surprisingly it did have the desired effect as Jon immediately returned Steve’s lawn mower and ran away shouting Crazy Man Crazy Man, you could have just asked.

Martin was admitted to hospital and remained in Coma for 3 days

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  1. aas says:

    hahaah..christians would be so mad at this…but it still makes sense…that’s what jesus did

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