Man sues for fake profiles

Sunder from Kanpur is suing,an Indian Matrimonial site , for what he believes to be the biggest scandal in matrimonial business. He says that he had signed up for an account on the matrimonial site to look for prospective brides .

Man sues for fake profiles

Man sues for fake profiles

He found countless beautiful prospective brides for himself and expressed interest in them but sadly none of them replied or even visited his profile.

Who ever he did visit his profile,did so only to reject him. Initially Sunder felt that this was because of him, but upon closer look he found that he met exact partner preference of most of them.

When the number of rejections grew too large , he decided to investigate. The pattern was simple, the more beautiful a girl,more chance of her not responding or rejecting

To test what exactly these girls wanted , he created various fake profiles of guys which met the exact partner prefence of these girls and expressed interest ,but the pattern continued.

This led him to conclude that most of the profiles of beautiful girls were fake .Possible put by team to lure innocent men to take paid membership in the hope to see their contact details

He is suing them for misleading people and also for damage done to his self estem after being rejected by so many girls


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  1. Raghav says:

    I had recently an occasion whereby I got accepted by 2-3 girls on It was weird for them to find guy like me and accept for marriage talks. I was cautious and looked up their name on facebook and both didn’t exist on facebook. Well, they might not have an account, but these are mostly fake profiles who have only (1) photo in their profile and even if you ask your friend to send her an interest, she will accept it happily.
    Guys, this is all fooling business going on. Save your asses from this. Keep your money in your own pocket and think hundred times before going for premium memberships on online matrimonials. Chances are high that you will be rejected by these profile after some amount of talks or dating – coz they didn’t even mean marriage in the first place, they may be’s own profiles accepting every other guy and making him buy their memberships.

  2. ashiq says:

    i can say it s web site is 100 percent that’s true they have all fakes profiles on it and operating by there own employs.who pretend them self as a girl and reply one or twice then dissapeard.this is game and government must close this web site.

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