Man wants to return awards, realizes he has none, says government is suppressing his right to protest #AwardWapsi

It was supposed to be another usual day of protest for Professor Biswas Das, a lecturer in a prominent government run college in Kolkata. After attending the weekly meeting of his intellectuals club, where Nehruvian ideas are discussed, he was brimming with anger against what he calls ‘the growing intolerance’ in India, and wanted to protest.

This time though, he thought he should return an award.

However, much to his dismay, he soon realized that he had not been given any award by the Government of India. Since many of his intellectual heros in public life have been returning awards, he says he too wanted to return an award. Doing so will prove his liberal stance, he added. Since he has not been given an award till date, he is unable to register his protest in a way that he finds most fruitful to his cause.

“It is extremely unfortunate that I am not able to protest, and this is another sign of the growing intolerance under the current government. This is certainly a conspiracy to thwart my democratic right to protest. The world is looking at how the Indian government is discriminating against liberal thinkers like me”, he said.

Many students from the university supported Professor Das and said the government must immediately bestow an award on him so he can return it immediately by calling a dharna in college, and inviting local news media.

The professor, who teaches history at the university, is finding support from across the country.

Professor Kutty from Kerala, who teaches economics at government run college in the state, said he will not stop eating beef until Professor Das is given an award, in order to enable Professor Das to return it. English news channel NDTV is airing a special prime time debate next week to highlight the plight of all those who want to protest by returning awards, but haven’t been given awards till now.

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