Mamata Banerjee bans Game of Throne in West Bengal

Mamata Banerjee, the Maa-rcurial CM of West Bengal, known for her impeccable sense of geography and inimitable sense of humour, pulled of a stunner today when she indefinitely banned viewing, reading, discussing Game of Thrones (GoT) in West Bengal until further notice. Not surprisingly, even by her own lofty standards of just losing it, this came as a surprise to everyone.


Allegedly, Banerjee took the step when she learned of the immense popularity of the last episode of the GoT, now famous for the Red Wedding.

According to one of her confidantes, she feared that the repeated use of the word ‘Red’ would help the Communists in the state gain lost grounds.

It is no secret that Ms. Banerjee, vanguard of the new Renessaince in West Bengal, sees red (no pun intended) in the most absurd of situations. Like when she declared that the sale of Red Bull in her state should be rationed. Or when she appealed to her subjects to smoke up without fear, but stay away from Red meat.

Didi wants you to understand that the ban is in the best of public interest. It will not only help us keep at bay the evil CPM, but also give you more time to stage strikes and protest marches and write poems,

said the I&B Minister of West Bengal, Mr. Manush Bhuiyan, as he addressed the press from a makeshift podium on Nachiketa Sarani, erstwhile known as the Red Road.

When contacted by FZN for a reaction, RR Martins replied curtly, quoting one of his own writings. “As we sin, so do we suffer”, he said.

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  1. how is it banned? it wont be telecasted in w.b. only?

  2. how is it banned? it wont be telecasted in w.b. only?

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