From the makers of Balika Vadhu comes “Balak Mantri”

it is rumored that the creators of Balika Vadhu are coming up with a new TV series called Balak Mantri.

This story will revolve around an over ambitious mother who pushes her 8 year old son in to active politics. The 8 year old gets elected as an MLA and is even given a ministry.

The plot line would revolve around his learning as a new minister and how he grows with it. It will also explore how he is able to transform the system with his wisdom despite lack of basic education

It will also shed light on his lost childhood years and how he comes to term with this reality with amazing grace and almost no displayed hatred for his mother .Balika Vadhu story

The first indication of resentment from his mother might appear when she asks him to chose irrigation ministry instead of his favorite HRD ministry .

The script is almost ready and the shooting might start early next month.

The makers claim that such revolutionary story has never been done before in Indian Tele.

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