VHP’s Love Jihad Poster featuring Kareena Kapoor making Love Jihad sexy

It seems VHP’s  Woman Wing’s new ploy to use Kareena Kapoor ‘s photo to portray Love Jihad and discourage women from falling for it may be backfiring.

According to a recent survey, Kareena Kapoor ‘s Photo for Love Jihad actually is making it sound cool and giving it a stamp of approval. Some of the sample responses received from various hindu girls were

If Love jihad can get you SAIF Ali Khan……oooooommmmgggggg. I Love you Saif

If Kareena is doing it….it must be right ….I So want to be Kareena..I dress like her , I walk like her

I Thought marrying a muslim meant end of every kind of freedom, but looking at kareena doing all those hot and sexy movies like heroine after love jihad …I don’t fear it anymore. I want to thank VHP for opening our eyes …thank you 🙂

Kareena makes Burqua Sexy ….such beautiful eyes ..ahh Kareena I LOVEEE UUUU

Scores of hindu woman seem to now be open to marrying muslim men because it is not a taboo anymore . Some woman also seem to prefer muslim men , just to follow the footsteps of Kareena, their idol.

No one really thought that after this campaign of love jihad kareena Kapoor fans would react this way.

Could it be a ploy by the Sikulars to have released their minions in VHP and release this picture ? We will never know

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