Five things to say this Independence Day to look progressive and liberal

1. Post ‘Happy Independence Day’ wishes to your brothers and sisters in Pakistan. Write eloquently on how you share a special bond with them, and how destiny separated you from them. Never mind that you may not know a single Pakistani citizen.

2. Venerate Indian freedom fighters selectively. You may praise and worship anybody linked to the Gandhian movement. Anybody linked to, or deemed to be linked to ‘revolutionaries’ is best avoided. If at all you come across posts praising the non-Gandhian freedom fighters, just sit on the fence and brush the praise aside by saying something like, ‘Yes, they contributed too. But their way was not the best’.

3. State how proud you are of Indian born or second generation Indians abroad who have climbed the success ladder in their fields. Never mind that India might have had nothing to do with their success.

4. Blame the British for ‘divide and rule’ and creating communal tensions in India. Never mind the tensions that existed before the British took control of India. While blaming the British, you may cheer Shashi Tharoor’s reparation speech.

5a. Parrot popular slogans. You may say ‘unity in diversity’ – never mind that you may be biased towards a person of your region, religion, language when hiring somebody; or, you may form close knitted groups at your workplace based solely on language.
5b. You may also say ‘proud to be Indian, I love India’. Never mind that you may be ready to migrate to a first world country given just half a chance

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