Long meetings make you stupid

Research done by scientists at Indian Mind studies has proved that long meetings are not just boring, but can also dumb you down.

IQ drop graph

Statistics on IQ drop on attending long meetings

For this research, 100 college students with equivalent levels of IQ were selected and their IQ tracked over a period of 10 years as they joined various work areas. At the end of 10 years they found a direct correlation between drop in IQ and average number of hours spent per meeting by the participants at work

We found that longer the meetings, more the drop in IQ. People who attended meetings which ran around 30 to 40 minutes experienced a 10 point decrease in IQ, while ones with meetings going beyond 3 hours experienced a massive 50 point drop.

Another observation that these scientist made was that people in IT profession were the worst performers. People from IT/Software experienced an additional 5% drop in IQ compared to drop in IQ suffered by people in other fields of work and with similar average meeting lengths.

Conference room

These meetings can dumb you down

One possible explanation scientists gave was that possibly meetings in IT/Software companies are more mind numbing that other fields.

Scientists are now urging companies to stop having unnecessary meetings and also reduce the length of meetings. They even propose having an upper limit for meeting time.

Its Ok to sit down and discuss status and tasks etc, but please don’t dumb down this generation.remarked one scientist

So next time you are asked to join a 1 hour meeting, dont hesitate to say NO on medical grounds.

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