Long ATM Queue ? Now Complain to PMO using your apple watch #Demonetization

Apple watchIn a bid to connect with the citizens of India and alleviate their pain of Demonetization , the government has gone all high tech and launched  complaint app on Apple watch.

If you are stuck in an ATM line for more than 3 hours, you can simply open the app on your watch and click on “complain”. A message with your GPS location and the time you waited would be directly sent to the Prime Minister’s office monitoring the Demonetization queues.

This data would be used to understand how many average hours an average Indian citizen has to spend to withdraw money.

A statement read

Suppose a farmer is stuck in a queue for more than 8 hours ,he/she can simply open the app and compain. We would know which ATM is running short and how much he/she has already waited. We can then send immidiate reinforcements

The App is only available on apple watch



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