LK Advani is the next brand ambassador of Eno

Ace politician, author, strategist and practitioner of harakiri, Lal Krishna ‘LP’ Advani has been signed on by GlaxoSmith Kline to be the next brand ambassador of Eno, the fruit salt that has adorned many a poor Indian version of Bloody Mary. The heavyweight contract was signed yesterday, outside Advaniji’s sanyaas, errr, sandaas (washroom), where the patriarch had spent most of his weekend.

 LK advani and ENO

Known for very dull catchlines, over-the-top acting and absurd storyboards of its commercials, Eno, feel the market experts, has executed a masterstroke, something which its newly-anointed endorsee can take note of. Because, not only has Mr. Advani been very ill because he couldn’t stomach a bitter pill, but the tagline of Eno,

 “Seene mein Jalan”, or “Heartburn?”

will also be very apt for the situation.
However, there are other, far deeper consequences to this too, feel experts. In a tightly-regulated pharmaceutical market as that of India, where, to prevent malpractices under the table all drugs are sold over-the-counter, and where doctors are extremely scrupulous in their ways of prescribing the most expensive drugs, this comes as a huge blessing, they feel.

Not only to the drug manufacturers and sellers, but also to those advertising agencies who won’t have to come up with creative ideas and witty lines to sell laxatives and tampons.

“We can do away with the repetitive images of a girl in white and a grimacing grandpa”, said Mr. Balwant Dua, Creative Director, Chitra Leo Burnol.

Advaniji’s compatriots and colleagues too hailed the move. While Nitish Kumar said that, “This proves that Advaniji is still in demand”, Manmohan Singh hoped that “I sincerely hope Mr. Advani will pass this acid test”. With the floodgates now open, it might be very soon that we’ll see Mr. Karunanidhi endorsing Revital and Nitin Gadkari endorsing Hajmola.

Oh and by the way, the ‘LP’ in the first sentence means Loh Purush, not Long Playing, as some of our readers might assume!

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  1. Kartik Agarwal says:

    lol! Seene mein jalan indeed….

  2. Farzi News says:

    hehe..thanks Kartik

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