Live: Boyfriend caught in “Who keeps the Phone first” Loop with Girlfriend

Our field reporters have just received a news that Raju ,a 24 yr old ┬ánormal boyfriend has been caught in a “who keeps the phone first” loop with his Seema , his 23 year old Girlfriend.

Raju called up his girlfriend last night to wish her good night but did a crucial mistake of not keeping the phone after that, he thought it was cute Vodafone ad to promote loveand his girlfriend agreed. They both then said goodnight many times but refused to hang up ,waiting to see who hangs up first . It is rumored that the one who hangs up first Loves less than the other.

It is rumored that Raju got this idea from Vodafone’s new ads campaign promoting non-stop talking for first love.We could not confirm this as Raju was still on call.

As we speak , Raju has been on call for 7 hrs and is still trying to find a way to cut the line without having his love questioned.

As a humanitarian effort to save raju, FarziNews is running a survey campaign to crowdsource a solution .

Please Vote: What should Raju do?

1. Just hang up the phone

2.Just say Signal Weak “hello hello” and cut

3. Wait for the battery to die

4. Just keep chatting , NEVER hang up on your girlfriend

5.<Your solution>

We will also start SMS voting also soon. Our reporters are constantly monitoring the situation

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2 Responses

  1. Gunjan Suyal says:

    Simple, raju should sleep with the call still on… vodafone will take care of the rest ­čśŤ

  2. Farzi News says:

    Not a bad Idea Gunjan..We will pass on the message to our reporter, who will pass it on to Raju and then let's see what happens

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