Two new letters indcuted into the English alphabet

If you or your children have been taught that the English alphabet has 26 letters, well, it’s time you go back to school again. Because if the recent circular by the ‘Association of Alphabets (English)’ are to be believed, we are soon to have two new letters in the alphabet – the ampersat and the hash. Or, as they are better known, the ‘@’ and the ‘#’.


With the way social media has infiltrated, and invaded our daily lives, it was really only a matter of time before this step was taken, feel the majority of the global population. “Already under the attack of tasteful and meaningful abbreviations and expressions like YOLO and Y U NO, this initiative was needed to not only enrich, but also ensure that English the language retains its currency”, said eminent Indian linguist Virat Lingaraj. However, puritans, with their customary stiff upper lips, cups of Earl Grey and copies of Chaucer and Beckett have not been so generous in their reactions to this move. “Oh blimey! This is an absolute disgrace! What next? Giving English classes to Pakistani cricketers?”, fumed Mr. Anal Twerp, who ended his tirade with a “FML”.

The proposed changes will take place as soon as Microsoft, Apple and the other OS-manufacturers complete coding to incorporate these changes in the existing word-editors. The changes will also reflect in the print next version of Oxford dictionary(If anyone still cares)

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